Zune software 4.8.2345.0

Helps the user interface with a Zune device through a desktop

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Zune software is also known as Zune Marketplace. It's a superstore for entertainment that is available 24/7. With Zune you can browse music, videos, podcasts, television shows and movies. Zune works with Microsoft-powered devices, such as the Xbox 360 console, Windows 7 phones and PCs. With a monthly subscription, Zune offers you unlimited access to millions of songs and all the entertainment you can handle.

A subscription for Zune is $14.99/month for unlimited access. With each month of downloads, you get to keep 10 songs. If you cancel your monthly subscription, you only get to keep the 10 per month that you were given. You will not be able to play back the rest of the entertainment. Zune files cannot be burned onto a CD, but you can burn music from a CD to Zune.

In addition to buying a monthly subscription to Zune for unlimited music and entertainment, you can also buy points. While you can't buy just enough points for one song, you can buy 400 points for $5. 400 points comes out to be approximately five songs. This option can be great for someone who just wants a few select songs, but avid music listeners and movie buffd would benefit more from a Zune pass.

Zune offers a sleek, stylish interface that's easy to use. It's split into four sections: Collection, Social, Quickplay and Marketplace. Collection holds all of your existing content. All of your files and current Windows Media playlists are present in the collections section. Marketplace, on the other hand, is where you browse through millions of tracks, videos and other entertainment to buy or download. There's a search box at the top, which makes finding your titles fast and simple. Under the Social section, you can connect to other Zune users who share similar tastes in entertainment. Under the Quickplay section, you can quickly get to your favorite content.


? A massive database of music and entertainment.

? Easy-to-use sleek design.

? Simple interface.

? The ability to stream or buy music, movies, videos and podcasts.

? Unlike iTunes, you have the choice of which file format you want.

? You can put the content on up to three Macs/PCs and Zune devices.


? You have to purchase a subscription or points to buy and download music.

? Only compatible with Xbox 360, Zune players and Windows Media Player.

? You can't burn any songs to a CD.

? Some songs don't have a subscription-base right so you can't download them, you have to buy them.

? Once you stop paying your monthly Zune Pass, you can no longer listen to the tracks downloaded.

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